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I let love in
Despair and deception, love’s ugly little twins
Came a-knocking at my door, I let them in
Darling, you’re the punishment for all my former sins
I let love in
The door opened just a crack, but love was shrewd and bold
My life flashed before my eyes, it was a horror to behold
A life-sentence sweeping confetti from the floor of a concrete hole
I let love in
Well I’ve bound and gagged and I’ve been terrorized
And I’ve been castrated and I’ve been lobotomised
But never has my tormenter come in such a cunning disguise
I let love in
O lord, tell me what I done
Please don’t leave me on my own
Where are my friends?
My friends are gone
So if you’re sitting all alone and hear a-knocking at your door
And the air is full of promises, well buddy, you’ve been warned
For worse to be love’s lover than the lover that love has scorned
I let love in
[Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds da “Let Love In” 1994]

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    MorganaLaPazza ha detto:
    14 febbraio 2006 alle 17:00

    Io sono innamorata di From Here To Eternity.
    Io sono innamorata di Nick Cave.
    Io sono innamorata dell’Emozione.
    E quante emozioni riesci a far trapelare dai tuoi scritti! Sei 1 grande ! ^_^

    p.s. Postaaaaaaa x te ghghgh

    Nxero ha detto:
    14 febbraio 2006 alle 17:09

    Gracias! Nick Cave è un grande, mi sembrava giusto postare questo testo proprio oggi ahahah!


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